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Architects can optimize their designs with new DuPont online glass strength calculator

It’s never been so easy! DuPont has introduced a new interactive tool to help architects calculate laminated glass strength and deflection performance at the design phase of the building process.

DuPont Glass Laminating Solutions has introduced an “industry-first”: an online glass strength calculator which can be found at the company’s website The easy-to-use glass strength calculator can be used by architects to optimize their designs for laminated glass balustrades, stair treads, floors, canopies and much more – including one-sided and two-sided support systems under uniform and line loads.

“We believe that this easy-to-use web tool to calculate glass strength will assist designers by making the glass strength calculation less burdensome and time-consuming,” said Jeff Granato, worldwide director for architectural glass products at DuPont Glass Laminated Solutions.

Stress loads and deflection behaviors modeled
The strength calculator can help architects and structural engineers model stress loads and deflection behaviors in glass laminates of varying construction. Interactions with the tool include the ability to model different types and thicknesses of laminated glass made with DuPont™ Butacite® PVB interlayers or new, stiffer SentryGlas® structural interlayers.

Support conditions include one-sided support systems, such as those used in balustrades, and two-sided support systems, such as those used in stairs. The calculator allows for loading of the glass at fixed locations such as line loads, or as pressure loads spread across the surface. Loads can be modeled for short-term or long-term conditions, simulating glass performance challenges such as wind gusts or snow loads respectively, and at various temperatures.

The calculator helps architects consider the relative influence of common laminated glass design variables on strength performance in applications they may be considering. Final specifications for laminated glass used in construction projects should always be confirmed by qualified design professionals.

Visit to locate the online glass strength calculator – and please send us your feedback!