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SentryGlas® Expressions™ brings Jewish and Aboriginal imagery together

A ‘Holocaust mural’ that visually brings Jewish/Israeli and Aboriginal symbols together in a celebration of new life has received high critical acclaim in Australia. The photographer for the mural, Emmanuel Santos, says that DuPont™ SentryGlas® Expressions™ decorative laminated glass technology "brings the tradition of fresco painting into the digital age; Michelangelo would have loved it!"

To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Mount To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Mount Scopus Memorial College in Burwood, Victoria, Australia’s largest Jewish state day school, invited one of the country’s leading architectural firms, Synman Justin Bialek (SJB) Architects of Melbourne, to commence extensive refurbishment of its existing buildings.

Aesthetically the jewel in the crown of the refurbishment is a visually arresting, colorful and moving ‘Holocaust Mural’ made using DuPont™ SentryGlas® Expressions™ decorative laminated glass technology, which SJB commissioned from Filippino/Australian photographer Emmanuel Santos (completion: August 2005). The mural is located outside the school’s Sleazak Multi Media + Technology Center. SJB founding partner Alan Synman told LGN: "We asked Emmanuel to design a mural depicting the place of the College in Australia’s Jewish community, its relationship with Israel and the college’s 50-year old attachment to its local community here in Australia. Within the collage of photos in the mural, you can see Menorahs sculpted out of Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall, the original wall of Jerusalem’s ancient Temple, combined with photos of children from Mount Scopus School dancing the Horah, a traditional Jewish festive dance. As the collage progresses, the Wailing Wall is transfigured into Ayer’s Rock, the most sacred Aboriginal site in Australia, and there is an Aboriginal Australian performing a traditional welcome dance; these images are interwoven with white doves, traditional symbols of peace."

Santos’ mural is made up of 10 vertical and five horizontal panels of SentryGlas® Expressions™ decorative laminated glass; the vertical panels are approximately 1.5 m wide x 3.4 m high and the horizontal panels, laying across the top of the mural, are 3 m wide by 1.6 m high. The panels are joined by a concealed, butt-jointed system. Synman commented: "The photographic collage is mounted on an 80 percent white translucent backdrop, which at once neatly conceals ramps to the media center behind, and gives a particular vibrancy to the colors and images within the whole artwork."

Photographer Emmanuel Santos told LGN: "Working with SentryGlas® Expressions™ decorative laminated glass technology was a wonderful learning process for me. I was amazed that images of such large scale and magnitude could be created digitally at such high resolution (200 at full size) from my 22 standard photographic images. What is incredible is that there is no pixilation, even at this of blow-up. The large images on the mural like original photographs. The color stability also outstanding. To me, SentryGlas® Expressions decorative laminated glass technology fits well into the history of fine art; in the past, painted frescos on the interiors and exteriors buildings. This technology brings the tradition fresco painting into the digital age; Michelangelo would have loved it!"