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Laminated Glass News: May 2011

Deeper understanding of the structural performance of DuPont™ SentryGlas® ionoplast interlayer is the focus of our latest issue of Laminated Glass News.  See results of recent cantilevered railing tests, preview what's happening at Glass Performance Days in June, and see how stronger glass can reduce the cost of reglazing a facade.

balustrade testing

Swing bag videos compare post-break strength

Side-by-side testing of tempered and laminated glass in cantilevered balustrades shows the post-break barrier advantage of laminates made with SentryGlas®. » New video
Glass Performance Days 2011
Glass Performance Days 2011: Advancing Knowledge in Glass
The performance of SentryGlas® interlayers is causing glass industry experts to take a closer look at this latest technology in five different conference papers and an all-day workshop at GPD2011. » Glass Performance Days 2011
facade glass
Thinner, stronger laminates reduce the cost of reglazing
Thinner laminates made possible by DuPont™ SentryGlas® helped architects re-fit safer laminated glass in existing tempered glass glazing channels. » Reduce costs
"Changing the Face" 2011 Competition UPDATE
(512 Project Entries Received)

Design ideas in safety glass were offered in abundance for the redesign of a facade at the Pushkinsky cinema in the center of Moscow, Russia.  An open design competition, sponsored by DuPont in partnership with RIBA in UK, YEM in Turkey, the Union of Russia Architects and the building owner in Russia, drew responses from more than 1000 people, presenting 512 project concepts, now being reviewed by an independent judging panel.Look for winners to be presented in the fall issue of Laminated Glass News. More information can be found meanwhile at
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