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Laminated Glass News: April 2012

The Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (German Institute for Building Technology) in Berlin has extended its general approval that had been given in March 2010 for the use of laminated safety glass made with DuPont™ SentryGlas® interlayer to the product offered in 0.89 mm (35 mil) and can therefore be applied to the offering in rolled form. Also, there is permission given for larger glass laminates with maximum size of 3.21 m x 6.00 m (10.53 ft x 19.69 ft).

The certificate is available for download here.

Extended Approval for DuPont™ SentryGlas® Ionoplast Interlayer from the Deutsche Institut für Bautechnik (German Institute for Building Technology)

Because it's up to 100 times stiffer and 5 times tougher than traditional laminating materials, SentryGlas® has become popular among structural glazing specialists and leading-edge glass laminators and has been used as a key element in some of the most noteworthy laminated glass projects in the world, including:
The interlayer's extra stiffness and strength gives SentryGlas® ionoplast a routine advantage in safer glass balustrades, overhead canopies, clear facades, high-security applications and glass designed for use in extreme wind zones.

SentryGlas® interlayer is available to laminators in flat sheet form, in thicknesses of 35-, 60-, 90- and 120-mil, and as rolled sheeting, at 35-mil thickness. The new, rolled sheeting comes in standard sizes of 48 inches (1.21m), 60 inches (1.52m) and 72 inches (1.83 m) wide by 200 meters, and 60 inches (1.52 m) wide by 50 meters, depending on customer requirements. The recently launched roll-stock version of SentryGlas® is made using the same raw materials as flat sheets, so laminated glass strength and structural advantages realized with the new roll stock are expected to be the same as found previously with SentryGlas® in properly laminated structures.
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