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SentryGlas® interlayer Improves Load Bearing Strength and Stiffness of Glass Façade for the Enzo Ferrari Museum

The visually stunning cable-stayed glass facade that surrounds the recently-opened Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, Italy, is another outstanding demonstration of the qualities and capabilities of SentryGlas® ionoplast interlayer.

Glass facade of Enzo Ferrari Museum

The 78 m (256 feet) long, 45 m (148 feet) wide Enzo Ferrari Museum building has a geometrical shape and high transparency that are inspired by sports car designs. (Photo Studio 129)

Designed by Jan Kaplicky and Andrea Morgante of Future Systems, London, the 78 m (256 feet) long, 45 m (148 feet) wide Enzo Ferrari Museum has a geometrical shape and high transparency that are clearly inspired by sports car designs. The engineering philosophy on the project was to maintain a relatively simple geometry for the glass façade panels, which had to be assembled to adapt to the many different geometrical shapes by means of complex customised detailing. Italian engineering and architectural consultancy company Politecnica handled the façade design work.

A set of 32 mm (1¼") vertical stainless steel cables support the flat insulated glass units. The glass make-up comprises a 10 mm (3/8") fully tempered glass pane on the outside, with two 6 mm (¼") heat strengthened glass panes laminated with 1.52 mm (60 mil) SentryGlas® interlayer on the inside. The cavity within the glass is filled with argon and a solar control coating enables an Ug rating of 1.0 W/m2.

Learn more about the Enzo Ferrari Museum project
 by downloading the case study.

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Enzo Ferrari Museum Case Study

Glass facade of Ferrari Museum | thumbnail of brochure 

Download the pdf of the case study:


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