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Laminated Glass News: March 2012

The performance benefits of laminated glass made with DuPont™ SentryGlas® interlayer was the main feature this year at China Glass.

Benefits of SentryGlas® Interlayer

The enhanced mechanical performance and post glass breakage of laminated glass made with SentryGlas® interlayer, combined with the weight and cost saving opportunities associated with its use, provide new opportunities for structural glazing specialists and leading-edge glass laminators. For instance, the combined strength and stiffness of SentryGlas® interlayer results in side-supported balustrade glass panels that can retain their barrier properties even after a significant impact.

For all its strength, SentryGlas® also comes with outstanding clarity that is permanent. This means extra transparency and more predictable color in laminated glass, more consistent with the glass color selected for the project. At the same time, the outstanding edge stability of SentryGlas® means that architects can now build in exposed edges to their laminated glass designs with confidence.

Visitors found out more about why SentryGlas® is an excellent choice for use in laminated blast resistant glazing, due to its ability to sustain significant levels of deformation prior to failure. This type of performance allows for the use of relatively thin glazing and a less expensive glazing unit than would otherwise be required.
Innovations Abound
All of this translates to bigger windows, great designs, longevity and durability – and substantially fewer defects. This is confirmed by the noteworthy laminated glass projects in the world, including the:
We're on a Roll
DuPont used China Glass 2012 as an opportunity to inform laminators of the additional availability of SentryGlas® in roll form, thereby increasing the speed and convenience of laminating stronger safety glass for architectural uses. The new roll-stock version of SentryGlas® is made using the same raw materials as flat sheets, so laminated glass strength and structural advantages realized with the new roll stock are the same as found previously with SentryGlas® in laminated structures.
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