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Laminated Glass News: May 2012

DuPont Glass Laminating Solutions recently announced the commercial launch of DuPont™ SentryGlas® N-UV ionoplast interlayer, a new interlayer technology for durable architectural safety glass with unsurpassed transmission of natural UV light into spaces containing special light-requiring flora and fauna.

In this issue, learn about the benefits of SentryGlas® N-UV and how botanists and other life science professionals benefitted from this innovation.

Projects with High-UV-Transmissive DuPont Interlayer

  • South Korea's National Ecological Institute (NEI) "Ecorium," a 33,090-square-meter, multi-domed, multi-climate-zone nature reserve and sustainability-minded study center

  • Indoor Amazonian rainforest exhibit at the CosmoCaixa science museum in Barcelona

  • "Tropenhaus" rare species botanical garden in Berlin, Germany

  • Dolphin rehabilitation center in Atlanta, Georgia.
Benefits of DuPont™ SentryGlas® N-UV
Compared with other interlayers available to the laminated glass industry, SentryGlas® N-UV is not cross-linked or cured, relying instead on intrinsic ionoplast stability to resist degradation or loss of clarity from extended exposure to sunlight.

SentryGlas® N-UV offers up to 100 times the stiffness and 5 times the toughness of traditional safety glass interlayers, allowing for larger glass spans, further improving natural light transmittion when used in combination with high-transmissivity glass.
Availability & Samples
SentryGlas® N-UV interlayer is available in sheet form in 1.52-mm (0.060-in.) thickness. To help life science professionals and others explore product application ideas, we offer sample interlayer sheets that are available immediately for lamination and testing with user-specified glass. Contact us if you would like to obtain a sample. Get additional product information, including ultraviolet light transmission curves here.
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