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Laminated Glass News: July 2012

'Advances in the Design of Laminated Glass'London Seminar Information Now Available Online

We recently held a very well-received seminar in London to discuss the latest advances in the design of glazing solutions that deploy laminated glass panels. To make sure that no one misses out on this extremely informative seminar content, we have made the internal and external presentations available for download on the right-hand side of this page.

What Would You Like to Know at Future Seminars?

Here at DuPont Laminated Glass Solutions we believe in delivering interesting, pertinent and informative information in an easy-to-digest format. We have access to an enormous amount of technical and market information, which we are happy to share, but we also believe in giving you exactly what you want. This is why we are asking you to determine the topics to be covered in our next series of seminars.

All we are asking you to do is to fill out a short survey by following this link and express a preference. We will then look to create seminar programs that address the topics you want to see and answer the questions you have.

New London Architecture Seminar - May 2012

Five laminated glass experts talk about advances in the design of laminated glass with DuPont™ SentryGlas®.

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