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Laminated Glass News: September 2012

Delivering Structural and Aesthetic Performance with DuPont™ SentryGlas®

Case Study:  Morocco Telecom's Headquarters | Delivering Structural and Aesthetic Performance with DuPont SentryGlas®

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The façade covering Morocco Telecom's new headquarters in Rabat is another stunning demonstration of the comprehensive capabilities of DuPont™ SentryGlas®.

By using laminate panels made with DuPont™ SentryGlas®, architects were able to successfully address a number of important structural and functional demands on Morocco Telecom's new headquarters, among them:

  • Withstanding high daytime temperatures and large night-time temperature differential
  • Showing excellent post-glass-breakage performance, reducing the risk of injury to people in the vicinity in the event of seismic activity

Because SentryGlas® is 100 times stiffer and 5 times stronger than PVB, the architects were also able to design and specify laminate panels that were 30% thinner and, as a result, significantly lighter, than PVB-based alternatives.

"Expanding Laminated Glass Performance"

Article: "Expanding Laminated Glass Performance" | Construction Canada magazine, Sept. 2012
» Download "Expanding Laminated Glass Performance" 

The capabilities of laminated glass performance have expanded thanks to the introduction of stiff, structural polymer interlayers.  DuPont's Valerie Block elaborates further on these capabilities in her article "Expanding Laminated Glass Performance," This feature article originally appeared in the September 2012 (Vol. 54 No. 6) issue of Construction Canada, a Construction Specifications Canada publication.


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