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Laminated Glass News: October 2012

DuPont™ SentryGlas® Continues to Innovate: New Products and New Applications – Come and See for Yourself at Glasstec 2012

Visitors to the Glasstec 2012 trade exhibition (23-26 October 2012) in Duesseldorf, Germany, had the opportunity to view the latest product innovations from DuPont Glass Laminating Solutions, such as DuPont™ SentryGlas on rolls and translucent white SentryGlas®, as well as new applications enabled by SentryGlas® and its partners.

Product Innovations: Broadening the SentryGlas® Product Portfolio 
We're On a Roll
SentryGlas® is now available on roll in addition to the standard sheet offering. Two partners displayed the new rolls on their stands; visitors to LISEC Maschinenbau GmbH (Hall 17, stand A24) and HOAF Infrared Technology (Hall 11, stand F56) came to see this new product for yourself.

SentryGlas® N-UV
On display at the Glass Technology Live booth in Hall 11, booth B26, DuPont presented SentryGlas® N-UV, which will be available on roll from Q4 2012 as a 35-mil thickness option.

SentryGlas® N-UV is a structural interlayer for safety glass that combines the strength, safety and edge stability of SentryGlas® ionoplast with increased transmittance of natural ultraviolet (UV) light. Unlike most safety glass interlayer technologies, SentryGlas® ionoplast requires no UV protection for lasting strength and clarity. SentryGlas® can be manufactured in a special, high UV-transmittance sheet, which is suitable for use in botanical gardens or other special environments where exotic plants, fish, reptiles and insects require unique UV light requirements.

New SentryGlas® Translucent White
As well as SentryGlas® N-UV, another innovation from DuPont also displayed on Booth B26 in Hall 10: SentryGlas® Translucent White. DuPont is currently developing a new Translucent White version of SentryGlas®, which will give architects more design freedom due to the translucent white colours, but combined with the technical benefits of SentryGlas®, i.e. safer, lighter, tougher structural glass solutions. This new product will be available in 2013.

New Applications

Innovative Balustrades
SentryGlas® was displayed by systems manufacturer partners in innovative balustrades application for safer, stronger, more transparent and durable balustrades. CR Laurence will show how SentryGlas® brings new benefits to its cantilevered balustrades on its stand at Glasstec (Hall 10, stand A62). As SentryGlas® is 100 times stiffer and five times stronger than standard interlayers, it is capable of carrying significant loads, enabling the laminated glass sections to become part of the load bearing structure.

"Engineered Transparency" Conference
The “Engineered Transparency” conference at Glasstec 2012 outlined the latest product innovations and new developments in glass technology. The key topic of the conference this year was new applications and how these create new challenges in materials development and processing. On Friday, 26th October at 2.15pm (session 3), Ingo Stelzer, Design Specialist at DuPont Glass Laminating Solutions, presented a paper entitled “High Performance Interlayer Enables Efficient Glazing”. This presentation provided new insights into SentryGlas® as a structural glass laminate in applications such as minimally supported facades, skylights, canopies and balustrades.

High-Performance, Lightweight Glass Laminates for Architectural & Transportation Applications
In addition, to encourage new, innovative ideas in glass design, at Glasstec 2012 Corning showcased some of its high performance, lightweight glass laminates for architectural and transportation applications. These include a new combination of Corning® Gorilla Glass® with SentryGlas® interlayers.

Corning® Gorilla Glass® is currently being used to protect today’s most sophisticated electronic devices from the scratches, drops and bumps of everyday use. It is typically used on touch-screens for PCs, tablets and smartphones. The thinness, lightweight, damage-resistant glass with excellent visual qualities of Corning® Gorilla Glass® combined with the stiffness, transparency and weatherability of SentryGlas®, offers more design freedom and pushes the limits of laminated glass technology.

To find out more about Corning® Gorilla Glass® and SentryGlas® at Glasstec 2012, please visit the Corning stand (Hall 10, 10H81) or Glass Technology Live in Hall 11, booth B26. Alternatively, visit

New Perspectives in Facade Engineering
A new white paper written by Ingo Stelzer is now available to download from the DuPont Laminated Glass Solutions website.  The paper is entitled “Lighter, more elegant, more resistant and more cost effective – façade engineering profits from the use of laminated safety glass made with SentryGlas® interlayers.” The paper is available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Chinese.

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