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Laminated Glass News: August 2013

"Crystal Bird Headquarters" Lights Up the Landscape Thanks to DuPont™ SentryGlas®

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Belarusian Potash Company Headquarters | Red glass facade made with DuPont(tm) SentryGlas®
The red crystal structure at the centre deploys SEFAR® Architecture VISION fabric AL 260/55 printed, which gives glass a textile-like structural quality.
(Photo:  GLASSBEL)

Designed by Varabyeu Partners architects to represent a crystal of sylvinite, an important ore use to produce Potash, the new Belarusian Potash Company (BPC) headquarters is a remarkable example of glazing being used to maximize light and color.

The laminated glass panels are made with SEFAR® Architecture VISION 260/55 with 55% open fabric mesh to give glass color and textile-like structural quality and with DuPont™ SentryGlas® interlayer for structural strength.

The building is formed from two wings that come together at the center of the stylish red crystal. Each wing represents a gallery to create an air of comfort and calm.

The crystal is decorated with a reflective red aluminum metal coating on its exterior, reflecting the constantly changing climate conditions around the building, while on the inside, black fabric allows an almost clear view of the outside world.  Using SentryGlas® interlayer adds to the structural strength of the design, without additional weight or design compromises. The total glass facade covers 2,850m2 applied on a steel skeleton covered by a stick frame construction structural system.

Benefits of SEFAR® Architecture VISION Fabric and SentryGlas®

  • Together they produce strong, aesthetically pleasing design that is visible for many years.
  • Maintains transparency and optical properties
  • SentryGlas® outperforms PVB for cohesion with fabrich mesh, ensuring greater moisture resistance and temperature stablility for long-term durability.

Owner D.Sc. Dmitri Sobolevski from GLASSBEL is continuing to find more ways to use SentryGlas® and maximize its performance.

SEFAR® is a registered trademark of Sefar, USA.

Download the Full BPC Case Study Here
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