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Laminated Glass News: November 2013

DuPont™ SentryGlas® Interlayer Helps Bring Judicial Center Up to Tougher Building Codes Following Extensive Façade and Building Renovation

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Glass Facade | West Palm Beach Judicial Center building 
(Photo courtesy of Harmon)

DuPont™ SentryGlas® interlayers have played a vital role towards addressing more stringent building codes in the recent renovation of the 120,000 square foot façade covering the Judicial Center and Courthouse in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Built in the mid-90s, the 12-story building, which houses a wide variety of offices, administration centers, chambers and courts, had to be brought up to current building codes following the devastating effects of Hurricane Andrew, one of only three category five hurricanes to hit the United States in the 20th Century.


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Missile Impact testing | West Palm Beach Judicial Center and Courthouse
(Photo courtesy of Viracron) 

According to architect Mark S. Beatty AIA, LEED A.P., who at the time worked for MPA architects, "The original glass façade panels were not designed to be impact resistant;" he elaborates, "they were insulated doublepaned glass, so we needed a tougher replacement."

Kevin Anez of Viracon, glass fabricator for the courthouse, adds, "Harmon Inc. validated the specified interlayer by using a test laboratory to conduct a large-missile test; and Harmon's subsequent Notices of Acceptance (NOA) determined that the SentryGlas® interlayer would meet the performance requirements as specified by the architect."

Trevor Barrett, General Manager, Harmon, Inc,. South Florida, installer of the façade, said, "At the end of the day, we knew that by using DuPont™ SentryGlas®, we had installed a premium product in this application, one that will perform for many years; it was completely dominant in the testing, and there were certainly no after thoughts about not using it."

Beatty continues by saying that "as well as the impact performance, however, we were also concerned that we were going to change environmental dynamics of the façade, which had originally been designed for a certain solar performance. The new system had to offer the same or better performance, or the building might not be able to cool itself. As it turns out, the new panels with the SentryGlas® interlayer actually offered better thermal performance after the application of a film coating that was as close to the original that we could find. The new coating, which, like the old coating, is reflective so you can't see inside the offices on outside walls, also contributed to the better thermal performance and retained the visual security for the occupants inside."

"...SentryGlas® is stronger than PVB, and this gives us a lot of freedom as architects when it comes to structural design. In addition, one of the big issues we have from an aesthetic standpoint is clouding and delamination; something else that SentryGlas® resists far better than other industry alternatives."

For more, download the full story on the West Palm Beach Judicial Center and Courthouse. 

West Palm Beach Judicial Center and Courthouse Case Study

Front cover of case study for  West Palm Beach Judicial Center and Courthouse  

Download pdf of the West Palm Beach Judicial Center and Courthouse Case Study:


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