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Laminated Glass News: January 2014

Curtain Wall Façade of Laminated Glass with High-Strength DuPont™ SentryGlas® interlayer Maximizes Safety for Vienna's Ares Tower

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Vienna's Ares Tower
(All photos courtesy of MGT, Austria)

The Ares Tower, one of Vienna's tallest office buildings, has a double skin with a newly installed laminate glass curtain wall façade. Thanks to the use of DuPont's SentryGlas® interlayer, the façade's individual panels are neither thicker nor heavier than the previous single pane glazing, meaning that replacement could be carried out quickly and at high cost efficiency.

Curtain wall facade of Vienna's Ares Tower | Laminated glass panels 

The individual point-fixed laminated glass panels of the Ares Tower's external façade each measure
1370 mm x 3040 mm and
weigh 125 kg. The SentryGlas® interlayer enhances load capacity without any additional weight or design compromises.

The Ares Tower is one of Vienna's tallest buildings.  A film was bonded to its glass curtain wall façade to retain fragments in case of breakage, thus, removing potential hazards to passers-by.  This film yellowed over the years, and the owners wanted to further maximize safety.  As a result, the original single-pane glazing was replaced with laminated glass units, supplied and installed by MGT and containing a 1.52mm thick SentryGlas® interlayer.

As Walter Mayer, Chief Executive of MGT, explains: "Using conventional PVB interlayers would have meant using a distinctly thicker laminated glass structure in order to meet regulatory requirements for maximum deflection under wind loading. This would have meant that this refurbishment could not have been carried out within the specified time and cost
constraints. Because we used the SentryGlas® interlayer, we were able to make direct use of the existing load-bearing structure while meeting all requirements."

Thanks to its higher post-breakage stability, particularly high transparency and greatly reduced yellowing, such laminated glazing with SentryGlas® is not only of interest in refurbishment
projects but also opens up many exciting prospects for architectural design. And for building owners, laminated glazing with SentryGlas® has economic advantages since this interlayer has much better moisture resistance than conventional PVB, ensuring high levels of edge stability and weathering resistance over many years.

Glass facade | Vienna's Ares Tower 

Download the pdf of the full Ares Tower case study.

Vienna's Ares Tower Case Study

 Thumbnail - front cover of Ares Tower case study 

Download pdf of the Ares Tower Case Study:


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