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Laminated Glass News: February 2014

DuPont™ SentryGlas® Expressions™ Enables Stunning Visual Effects on Large-Scale Glass Façade for the AIDA Entertainment Building


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AIDA Entertainment glass facade made with SentryGlas® Expressions(tm)
Photo: © FLACHGLAS Wernberg GmbH 

Located at the entrance to Hamburg’s legendary “Große Freiheit” street, the AIDA building is the creative think tank for entertainment programmes for all of AIDA’s cruise ship fleet. Designed by architects Renner Hainke Wirth of Hamburg, the glass façade is a truly remarkable sight, with its many different shades and tones of red. The builder, August Prien, demanded excellent quality in all aspects of the building’s construction. One critical aspect of the building’s design is the glass façade, which comprises 500 individual pieces of glass, each with its own unique design. These individual glass panes had to be produced and delivered to site in exactly the right sequence, as defined in the specification.

SentryGlas® Expressions™ is available through a global network of trained licensees that can supply printed PVB using this new technology. FLACHGLAS Wernberg, a licensee of SentryGlas® Expressions™, produced the laminated safety glass façade for the AIDA Entertainment building in Hamburg, Germany. Using SentryGlas® Expressions™ Technology branded as its own SIGLA® Motive technology, FLACHGLAS Wernberg produced each of the 500 glass panes – which comprised two layers of heat strengthened glass (one white screen printed) in three different thicknesses – with high-resolution motives digitally printed onto the PVB interlayer in different tones of red.

As Paul Gora of FLACHGLAS Wernberg states: “The great advantage of digital printing is that:

  • Interlayers can be printed on directly without the need for laborious interim steps.

  • Motives and patterns can be selected and implemented in every desirable colour with resolutions up to 1,400 dpi.

  • Impressive, large-scale designs can be created by sub-dividing the façade into individual design units, which can then be reassembled to form a large-scale overall pattern. You can also combine this with many other glass functions such as thermal or sound insulation and solar protection.

  • Also, compared to other methods of decorating glass, processing time for SentryGlas® Expressions™ is fast, efficient and versatile. During assembly of the glass façade, our client was delighted with our weekly status reports on production and deliveries, as we delivered even quicker than had been agreed.”

"Best of Design" Awards by Architect's Newspaper: Best Façade  – University of Baltimore Law School

The University of Baltimore Law school was recently awarded as winner of the "Best Façade" category which is part of the "Best of Design Awards,",a new award organized by the US-based magazine "Architect's Newspaper."  More than 250 projects completed in 2013 were submitted into six categories, including  Building of the Year, Best Façade, Best Interiors, Best Landscape, Best Fabrication Project and Best Student Built Work. In each category, a winner and two honorable mentions have been announced, only exception: the Building Of The Year, which is a three-way tie.
Laminated Glass news would like to compliment the Winners! Please find a case study featuring the SentryGlas® application installed at the  "Best-Façade" winner via this link and more information about the awards at
AIDA Entertainment Building Case Study

 thumbnail of front page | AIDA Entertainment case study 

Download pdf of the AIDA Entertainment Building
Case Study:


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University of Baltimore School of Law Case Study

Thumbnail | front cover | University of Baltimore School of Law case study 

Download pdf of the University of Baltimore School of Law
Case Study:


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