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Lazzara luxury yachts have laminated glass with DuPont™ interlayers

Protection against UV, plus enhanced security

Procurve Glass Technology of Hatboro, Pennsylvania (USA) has been supplying flat and curved laminated glass containing DuPont™ Butacite® PVB, SentryGlas® Expressions™ and SentryGlas® interlayers for luxury yachts made by shipbuilder Lazzara of Tampa, Florida (USA) since 1999, to the complete satisfaction of Lazzara and its customers.

The Lazzara 84, launched at the Miami Boat Show in February 2006. © Lazzara.
Lazzara glass specifications call for laminated glass because of its ability to protect against the harmful effects of UV, as well as its enhanced security and sound control benefits. In addition, laminated glass has demonstrated its durability, even when subjected to constant sea water exposure and boat cleaning agents.

Procurve Glass Technology President Steven Lerner told LGN: "Longevity of the laminated glass is a critical requirement for marine industry, particularly for Lazzara's high-end, custom-made yachts. Laminated glass with DuPont interlayers continues to meet all of these requirements with an excellent track record, which has contributed to its enduring success with Lazzara and our other marine industry customers throughout the world."