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New PUNTpart Overhead Glazing™ fixation system

Safety glass with SentryGlas® high strength interlayer PUNTpart® overhead glazing system for large, flat, point-fixed applications.
Safety glass with SentryGlas® high strength interlayer Compared with PVB interlayers, DuPont™ SentryGlas® safety interlayers are stiffer and offer higher post-break tear strength.

Bellapart Engineering of Olot, Girona ( Spain) developed a new, patented fixation system for the landmark flat laminated glass roof of 3,000m 2 containing SentryGlas® at Endesa's new headquarters in Madrid.

Francesc Arbos Bellapart told LGN: "Our PUNTpart Overhead Glazing™ fixation system brings greatly improved post-breakage stability to full laminated tempered glass containing either DuPont™ SentryGlas® ionoplast or Butacite® PVB interlayers.

"Until now, for non-vertical applications, laminated glazing with one or both components being heat-strengthened has been the only way to achieve satisfactory post-breakage stability when point fixed systems were used. We believe that our new system is the first to achieve satisfactory post-breakage stability with full laminated tempered glass in point fixed systems.

"If the glass in a horizontal laminated glazing construction breaks, it adds to the load that must be borne by the interlayer. In very large, flat glass roofs, traditional PVB may not offer high enough tear resistance to bear the new load. The principle of our PUNTpart system is that the glass and the interlayer are simultaneously fixed using friction, so that the force is effectively transferred."

The system is especially impressive when used with DuPont's new, stiffer ionoplast interlayer since a thinner overall glass construction can be used which, at the same time, makes the overall glass laminate construction substantially more stable, even in hot summer temperatures of over 45 degrees C.

Bellapart commented: "SentryGlas® and our PUNTpart® Overhead Glazing system is an ideal solution for very large, flat overhead glazing applications that need point fixing because DuPont's ionoplast interlayer displays almost no creep and a high degree of tear strength that can achieve what I would describe as 'complete safety' in PUNTpart® fixed overhead laminated overhead applications."