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New SentryGlas® Ads Place Beauty and Strength in Iconic Perspective

WILMINGTON, DEL., October 17, 2008 -DuPont™ SentryGlas® is challenging architects and engineers to redefine their perception of safety glass as a building material. In a new series of advertisements launched in September, DuPont illustrates how SentryGlas® can be used as a durable yet striking design element.

(Images ©DuPont)

Supporting the claim of creating "glass that's more than glass," clear DuPont™ SentryGlas® interlayers are 100 times stiffer than conventional laminating materials and 5 times stronger.

The images in the thought-provoking print ads feature many of the world's most celebrated landmarks, the Great Wall of China, the Kremlin, Windsor Castle and the Eiffel Tower, imagined in SentryGlas®. The ads spotlight the structural toughness and innovative potential that SentryGlas® creates.

"SentryGlas® can help architects achieve their visions of spaces that allow more light, elegance and connectivity to the outside world, said Tammy Amos, Global Business Development Leader, DuPont Glass Laminating Solutions. By depicting symbols of strength and beauty, clearly we're hoping to change people's understanding of how glass can be used in architecture."

From traditional windows and doors to skylights, flooring, storefronts, canopies and facades, DuPont™ SentryGlas® enriches design flexibility, makes designs stronger and increases safety. Its benefits also include remarkable aesthetics with low iron glass and exceptional durability. Laminated glass with SentryGlas® protects against UV radiation, and can be wet- or dry-glazed to withstand hurricane-force winds and impacts. The laminates are often combined with glass coatings for energy efficiency and reduced heat gain.

Available in 35-, 60-, and 90-mil (0.9-, 1.52-, and 2.28-mm) thicknesses, SentryGlas® helps architects and engineers meet strict building codes while allowing innovation in design. Five times stronger than conventional PVB interlayers, SentryGlas® is also 10 percent lighter in density, more resistant to moisture, and less susceptible to edge defects after lamination. Combined, these advantages can help architects create lighter, brighter, larger open spaces.

DuPont is one of the leading suppliers of glass laminating products and services in the world. The company is consistently researching and creating new and flexible solutions for building needs, and its products are being used not just for reliability and strength, but for advantages in design and structural durability.

SentryGlas® high-strength safety interlayers are available to glass laminators worldwide.