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SentryGlas® protects stained glass windows in Jewish museum

Miami architect Ira D. Giller took charge of restoring a beautiful Art Deco-style former synagogue, built in 1936 by Henry Hohouser prior to the building's dedication last April as the Stanford L. Ziff Jewish Museum of Florida, designed to celebrate 230 years of Jewish presence in the state.

The 60 delicate, stained glass windows that form the centerpiece of the museum's collection were protected using DuPont™ SentryGlas® intrusion-resistant composite, making them resistant to the impact of the hurricane force winds that are frequent in Florida, as well as to vandalism and abrasion. Seen through the glasslike transparency of SentryGlas®, the bright colors of the stained glass are both visible inside and well protected outside.

Soon after the museum's inauguration, the stained glass windows mounted with SentryGlas® had the chance to prove their worth when the building was attacked on two occasions by vandals throwing bricks at the windows from outside the building. According to Marcia Zerivitz, Executive Director of the museum, "The SentryGlas® did exactly as it was supposed to do – it protected the stained glass windows perfectly."

SentryGlas® is an engineered, three-layer shield that can be factory-laminated to a single lite of ordinary window glass to give superior protection for all types of through-glass intrusion.