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Skeleton Leaf Pattern Decorates Overhead Glass Canopies for Schomburgk Pavilion in Adelaide Botanical Gardens

In Australia, part of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens' 150th anniversary celebrations in 2006 has involved adding a new visitor building called the Schomburgk Pavilion and a new glasshouse called the Amazon Waterlily Pavilion. Working with Digiglass of Australasia, Flightpath Architects of Adelaide used DuPont™ SentryGlas® Expressions™ decorative laminated glass in the two new additions to the Gardens for a range of design effects.

Photos © Digiglass
The Schomburgk Pavilion, located adjacent to the Museum, is an atrium space consisting of a raised terrace covered by glass canopies totaling 400 m2 (4,306 sq ft), made of SentryGlas® Expressions™ decorative laminated glass. The two central canopies, one wave-like in shape and one rectangular, incorporate a black ink, 'skeleton leaf' motif on a clear background, leaving areas of fully-transparent, clear glass. The eastern and western, spiral-shaped canopies are printed on DuPont™ Soft White™ Butacite® interlayer, using greens and pinks from the SentryGlas® Expressions™ decorative glass technology color palette. DMS Glass of Melbourne was the laminator for this project.

Architect Steve Duddy of Flightpath Architects said: "The glass canopies using a black-on-clear design throw a subtle, dappled shade over the terrace. One has the feeling of walking through a forest; the canopy glass reflects and refracts the light, heightening visitors' appreciation of the qualities of daylight as it changes through the days and seasons - a relevant message in a botanical garden, where plants need light to survive. The canopy glass is weatherproof for visitors but definitely does not exclude the beauty of changing weather conditions from the visitors' view.

"The pattern printed into the SentryGlas® Expressions™ laminate is a highly magnified impression of the skeleton of a leaf and, in addition to having its own unique aesthetic qualities and providing shade, acts to camouflage dust build-up.

"The colored section of the canopies, using the same leaf skeleton design, provides a more solid shade and glows beautifully, like a stained glass ceiling, from the interior, when the sun shines onto it. Using SentryGlas® Expressions™ technology, a dappled green color mutates into a subtle pink on the side of the canopies nearest the future Amazon Waterlily Pavilion (to be completed later in 2006). The use of SentryGlas® Expressions™ decorative glass in the Schomburgk Pavilion has given the structure a contemporary presence that is complementary and sympathetic to the classically-designed 1880's Museum.

"Immediately adjacent is the Amazon Waterlily Pavilion, a new structural laminated glass building to be constructed over the original pond where rare Amazon Waterlilies have been cultivated since the 1860s. Circular ceiling canopies of laminated glass with SentryGlas® Expressions™ will be used in the Amazon Waterlily Pavilion to emphasize the changing color of this iconic plant, which opens in the early morning to be pollinated as a perfect white, and closes the day as a beautiful pink.

The use of SentryGlas®Expressions™ decorative glass in the Schomburgk Pavilion has given the structure a contemporary presence that is complementary and sympathetic to the classically-designed 1880's Museum.

"SentryGlas® Expressions™ works well in these new buildings because it’s a contemporary application of the age-old material - glass - used in botanical gardens dating back to Joseph Paxton's glasshouses and his Crystal Palace of 1851, and because it has lightness and transparency suitable to its setting."