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Italy's Teleya showcases SentryGlas® in retail

"A large, flexible sail": In the context of a cable system façade, a very flexible façade is fixed to a single vertical cable, thus avoiding the usual network of cables typical of tensile structures.

Technological breakthrough by Teleya showcased in Italian retail sector

The first application of a new pointfixed façade system based on the unique attributes of DuPont™ SentryGlas® structural interlayer has been designed and patented by leading curtain wall and cladding specialist Teleya of Italy. To showcase the new façade system, it has been installed in a Conad hypermarket in Cesena, northeastern Italy.

Architect Delio Corbara, also of Cesena, said: "I was very pleased when Teleya presented me with this totally new, very minimalist, very transparent façade concept. The end façades are really beautiful in that they let this large, enclosed hypermarket 'breathe'; when crossing the corridor, shoppers have wonderful, uninterrupted views of the neighboring fields and countryside on one end and views going down towards the sea on the other end. The façades really 'let the outside in' to the hypermarket."

Marketing and R&D manager of Teleya, Fabio Frambati, said: "We worked for three years with DuPont and Professor Gianni Royer Carfagni of the University of Parma to develop this construction principle and decided to showcase it on two types of façades in a retail context.

"The first, very flexible façade is fixed to a single vertical cable, thus avoiding the usual network of cables, typical of tensile structures. It is conceived as a large, flexible glass sail, giving an overall architectural aesthetic of extreme lightness.

"The second façade, at the other end of the corridor, is a stiffer structure and features vertical steel

"DuPont's structural interlayer is essential to our patented new pointfixed system because of its significant stiffness, structural strength and post-breakage stability."

mullions. This was to demonstrate that our patented fixing system using SentryGlas® works for both types of façade - although it could also be used for roofs, balustrades and other applications.