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Outstanding SentryGlas® edge stability test results mean expanded opportunities for laminated glass design

Zero edge delamination shown by 72 month Florida tests means that architects can now build in exposed edges to their laminated glass designs with confidence. This will translated to bigger windows, great designs, longevity and durability – and substantially fewer defects.

DuPont has exposed SentryGlas® test panels to Florida heat and humidity for more than 10 years.
The excellent weathering and durability performance of SentryGlas® structural interlayer for laminated glass surprised even industry insiders when the results for 72 months of Florida weathering tests were first shown in 2003. Laminated test lites made with DuPont™ SentryGlas® interlayers were placed on exposure in Florida on 18 September 1997 and were inspected after 72 months.

ESN results of ZERO after six year’ natural weathering
Each laminate was assigned an Edge Stability Number (ESN) This weighted system assigns higher importance to progressively deeper defects from the edge of the laminated glass inwards, over time. A laminate with no defects would have an ESN of 0, while the maximum would be 2,500 (equivalent to continuous defects measuring less than 6.4 mm around the whole perimeter). In other words, SentryGlas® laminates have demonstrated ESN results of ZERO after six years of natural weathering!!

Laminated glass use has historically been limited in open edge applications due to less than desirable edge stability performance. The advantage of SentryGlas® is that, because of its unique chemistry, it maintains stability over a longer period of time versus alternatives. With the excellent weathering performance of SentryGlas®, architects and designers can now have confidence building-in exposed edges allowing for larger expanses of glass, bolder designs and dramatically improved aesthetics.

The test results translate to truly reliable and beautiful laminated glass where there is no appreciable edge delamination, no edge defogging or edge cloud, in open edge and silicone butt-joined installations and no measurable moisture intrusion.