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Business innovation is the process of turning knowledge into new wealth. Innovation is an essential activity for our company and our economy overall. Furthermore, innovation is an engine to create triple-bottom-line sustainability; bringing benefits to the economy, environment, and society.

DuPont is striving to be the world’s most dynamic science company. DuPont Canada has brought the miracles of science through its products to the market in Canada for about 130 years. DuPont has about 34,000 patents to our name. R&D continues to be an engine for growth and innovation in DuPont. In the 20th Century, DuPont was known throughout the world as a chemical company. In the 21st Century, our company has been transformed into a  science company; combining chemistry with biology and engineering to create entirely new products and services that bring value to the world.

DuPont Canada looks to the marketplace, not only to sell its products and services, but as the best indicator for directing our future innovation efforts. We have embarked upon an effort we call Market Driven Innovation, which identifies and targets markets that have significant innovation potential for our DuPont customers.

For example, in Canada, we are paying significant attention to the markets in unconventional oil and gas, bio-based materials and energy, and building innovations.

DuPont prefers increasingly to pursue open innovation. Open innovation represents a more collaborative approach; working directly with customers, other businesses, and/or research organizations who have shared interests and complementary capabilities to pursue new opportunities which are of significant interest to all parties involved.

DuPont Canada's Research, Engineering, and Business Development staff are experienced, highly motivated business development professionals who seek out sources of innovation in the marketplace and through collaboration with others. In addition, we have experienced, highly motivated marketing professionals located throughout Canada and in our offices in Mississauga, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta.