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Semiconductor Fabrication materials from DuPont

Copper Integration Technology Solutions DuPont™ CuSolve™ copper compatible removers are cleaning products formulated specifically for advanced designs using copper. These products effectively remove photoresist and copper containing residues in the presence of exposed copper and low-k materials. 
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Aluminum Post-Etch Residue Removers The development of conventional cleaning solutions is based on balancing the etch selectivity towards metals and dielectrics with the efficiency of removing residues. New solutions have been developed to decrease Aluminum and Titanium etch rates while maintaining performance for post-etch residue removal. Design of experiment (DOE) techniques have been used to develop a broad range of new formulations optimized for low metal etch rates.  » Find Out More


Copper PCMP Cleaners Post Chemical Mechanical Planarization (PCMP) cleaning is a yield enhancing process step that removes defects deposited during the planarization process. PCMP cleaners are specifically designed to be compatible with metals and dielectrics integrated in advanced designs.  » Find Out More


WLP Photoresist Removers & TSV Cleaners Formulations optimized to effectively remove liquid or dry film photoresists used for Through Silicon Via (TSV) masks and Wafer Level Packaging (WLP) applications like wafer bumping by electroplating or stencil printing. TSV cleaners are designed to be compatible with copper and to effectively remove residues after TSV etch. 
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Specialty Applications The broad photoresist removal product portfolio from DuPont EKC Technology allows effective cleaning of photoresists used in both patterning and metal lift-off applications. Specialty applications where DuPont EKC Technology products are currently used include medical devices, LEDs (light emitting diodes), hard disk drives, photovoltaics and high-frequency or power devices (III/V).  » Find Out More