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Danville, CA, July 11, 2006

DuPont EKC Technology Introduces New Family of Products for Copper Interconnect Cleaning at SEMICON West 2006

Copper Post-etch Residue Removers Maintain Critical Dimensions to the 45 nm Technology Node

Contact: Ellen Pressley
Ellen G.

DuPont EKC Technology, part of DuPont Electronic Technologies, today announced the introduction of a new series of products for the BEOL (Back End of Line) cleaning of copper interconnects in semiconductors. DuPont™ CuSolve™ copper post-etch residue removers are a family of aqueous formulations designed to selectively remove post-etch residue from Cu/Low K interconnect features over several technology nodes. This latest offering in the expanding portfolio of semiconductor fabrication and advanced packaging materials will be featured by DuPont during SEMICON West 2006 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Calif., July 11 - 13, booth #2426, South Hall.

DuPont™ CuSolve™ copper post-etch residue removers remove residues and polymers and maintain critical dimensions and target yields for a range of technology nodes from 130 nm to 45 nm. The first two products in the series, DuPont™ CuSolve™ EKC520™ and EKC6910™ copper post-etch residue removers, are now commercially available and have achieved successful qualifications and Process of Record (POR) adoption with leading semiconductor manufacturers.

"New DuPont™ CuSolve™ copper post-etch residue removers are prime examples of how DuPont is connecting science and technology to develop highly engineered materials for semiconductor fabrication," said Douglas Holmes, director of marketing, DuPont EKC Technology. "We have well-established expertise in BEOL cleaning, and the new offering compliments and strengthens our existing portfolio of post-etch residue removers. Together with additional products in the development pipeline, the new CuSolve™ products will reaffirm the leadership position of EKC Technology in interconnect cleaning and reinforce our connection with leading edge customers. These types of advanced materials are critical to enable their success."

DuPont™ CuSolve™ EKC520 copper post-etch residue remover is a rapid, single wafer cleaning solution for copper post-etch residue and copper oxide removal. It also effectively removes via first/trench last and trench first/via last structures; works with single and dual damascene processes; and is compatible with copper, barrier, and low-k films, and all single wafer tools. The product meets particle performance for advanced technologies, is water soluble and can be disposed of in aqueous solvent drains. No post-clean rinse other than water is required. Also, because of its unique formulation, EKC520 reduces product stewardship and environmental, health and safety concerns, reduces air emissions, extends bath life for higher throughput, offers a lower operating temperature, and lowers fab operating costs.

DuPont™ CuSolve™ EKC6910 copper post-etch residue remover operates within similar process conditions and effectively cleans at first via, post via and etch stop layer breakthrough while maintaining critical dimensions and enhancing electrical performance.

EKC Technology is part of DuPont Electronic Technologies, a leading supplier of electronic materials, including materials for the fabrication and packaging of semiconductors, materials for hybrid, rigid and flexible circuits, and materials for advanced displays. For more information, please visit

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