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September 29, 2009
DA NanoMaterials Announces the Opening of Asia Headquarters And Advanced Technology Center in Taiwan DuPont Air Products NanoMaterials L.L.C. [DA NanoMaterials], a 50/50 joint venture of DuPont and Air Products, and a leading supplier of chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) slurries to the semiconductor fabrication industry, today announced the opening of its new Asia Headquarters in Jhudong Township, Taiwan, just outside Hsinchu Science Park.   » More

August 12, 2009
DuPont Exhibits Broad and Growing Portfolio of Innovative Semiconductor Fabrication Materials at SEMICON Taiwan DuPont exhibited its broad and growing portfolio of innovative materials for semiconductor fabrication and packaging at SEMICON® Taiwan, the premier event in Taiwan for microelectronics manufacturing.  » More

May 25, 2009
HD MicroSystems™ Introduces HD-8930 Ultra-Low Cure PBO for Wafer Level Semiconductor Packaging The new offering is the latest in the HD-8900 low-cure PBO series and combines the proven reliability of HD MicroSystems’ PBO technology with curing temperatures as low as 200°C.  With its low modulus and high elongation, HD-8930 achieves superior drop test results, making it ideal for use in portable electronic devices.   » More

May 6, 2009
 DuPont Introduces Vespel® SCP Shapes The new SCP polymer family from DuPont™ Vespel® is now available in shapes. The Vespel® SCP family of products delivers improved part life, reduced weight and cuts costs. These benefits are delivered though increased temperature handling, improved dimensional stability, broader chemical compatibility and greatly improved wear resistance.   » More


September 9, 2008
 DA NanoMaterials Unveils Innovative Copper Slurry for Next Generation Technologies DA NanoMaterials' CoppeReady® Cu3988 copper series slurry was developed to improve copper dishing, erosion and over-polish window, targeting 45nm and 32nm technology nodes.   » More

August 8, 2008
 DuPont to Showcase Semiconductor Fabrication and Packaging Materials at Semicon Taiwan 2008 DuPont will feature its expanding portfolio of advanced material technologies for semiconductor fabrication, packaging and support systems at Semicon Taiwan 2008.   » More

July 17, 2008
New Singapore Plant Expands Global Manufacturing of DuPont™ Vespel® Parts for Semiconductor Production DuPont Engineering Polymers today announced that production of its high-growth DuPont™ Vespel® parts and shapes has begun at its newest facility in Singapore.  » More

July 10, 2008
 Spansion Adopts DuPont Performance Elastomers Kalrez® 9100 seals for Increased Productivity DuPont Performance Elastomers (DPE) has successfully collaborated with Spansion Inc. to evaluate a perfluoroelastomer O-ring product designed to help increase the uptime of semiconductor manufacturing equipment. » More

July 10, 2008
 DuPont Performance Elastomers to Introduce Kalrez® 8900 parts at SEMICON West to help Increase Uptime and Improve Wafer Yields in Semiconductor Thermal Processes Kalrez® 8900 parts demonstrate longer seal life in higher temperature semiconductor manufacturing processes and help cut costly downtime and reduce cost of ownership. » More

June 23, 2008
DuPont to Feature Semiconductor Materials at SEMICON West 2008 DuPont will exhibit its portfolio of advanced material technologies for semiconductor fabrication and packaging at SEMICON West in San Francisco, July 15-17, 2008.  » More

June 11, 2008
DuPont Electronic Technologies Announces Global Price Increase DuPont Electronic Technologies cites rising raw material, transportation and energy costs among its reasons for the increase. »More

May 5, 2008
DuPont will participate in the Symposium on Polymers for Microelectronics The Symposium On Polymers for Microelectronics is one of the foremost comprehensive technical meetings for the integration and processing of polyimides and new polymeric films for advanced microelectronic applications.  
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February 22, 2008
DuPont to Showcase Semiconductor Materials at Semicon China 2008 DuPont will feature its portfolio of innovative materials and process expertise for the semiconductor industry at Semicon China 2008.  
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September 17, 2007
 DuPont to Showcase Semiconductor Materials at SEMICON Europa 2007 DuPont will feature its expanding portfolio of advanced packaging materials at SEMICON Europa 2007.   » More

September 7, 2007
DuPont Air Products NanoMaterials L.L.C. Launches New Tunable Barrier Slurry for Advanced Technology Nodes DuPont Air Products NanoMaterials L.L.C. (DA NanoMaterials), a 50/50 joint venture of DuPont and Air Products, today launched a non selective chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) barrier slurry with tunable copper, barrier and dielectric polishing rates for use with advanced technology nodes.   » More

August 29, 2007
 DuPont to Feature Semiconductor Materials at Semicon Taiwan 2007 DuPont will showcase its expanding portfolio of semiconductor fabrication and advanced packaging materials at Semicon Taiwan 2007.   » More

July 11, 2007
 DuPont Electronic Technologies Formalizes Interconnect Collaboration with IMEC DuPont Electronic Technologies today announced that the company has joined IMEC as an Industrial Affiliate in 45nm and 32 nm technology development programs on cleaning, contamination control and advanced interconnects.  » More

July 17, 2007
Semicon West 2007 Technology Innovation Showcase features DuPont EKC Technology "DuPontTM CuSolveTM EKC520TM – An Environmentally Sustainable Solution for Cu / Low-k Cleaning of Advanced Technology Devices" will be presented as part of the Semicon West 2007 Challenges in Device Scaling TechXPOT.   » More

June 26, 2007
 DuPont Semiconductor Fabrication & Packaging Materials Hosts Technical Panel Discussion at SEMICON West 2007 DuPont Semiconductor Fabrication and Packaging Materials has announced it will host a technical panel discussion, "Technology Partnerships & Tools for the Future", featuring experts from leading companies including Intel, Spansion, Applied Materials, ASML, Brewer Science, SEMATECH and the University of Arizona's Center for Environmentally Benign Semiconductor Manufacturing.   » More

March 01, 2007
 DuPont Performance Elastomers Kalrez® 9100 Parts Surpass Planned Maintenance Standards, Increase Uptime, Improve Wafer Yield DuPont Performance Elastomers Kalrez® 9100 perfluoroelastomer parts are specifically designed for ultra-low contamination in aggressive plasma environments.   » More


October 30, 2006
DuPont Breaks Ground for New Vespel® Plant in Singapore The new facility is the investment in a high-growth business - DuPont™ Vespel® parts and shapes. Industry demand for metals-replacement technologies that reduce weight and cost is driving a step-change for our business.   » More

August 31, 2006
DuPont Sponsored Panel Discussion at SEMICON West Now Featured Online DuPont today announced it has made available on its web site video of presentations made at a technical seminar it sponsored during SEMICON West 2006 in San Francisco, Calif. New materials on the roadmap was the topic of the seminar.   » More

July 24, 2006
DuPont Opens Semiconductor Materials Technical Center in Taiwan As part of its strategic plan for long term growth in the semiconductor materials market, DuPont Electronic Technologies has established a Semiconductor Materials Technical Center in Taiwan's Hsinchu Science Park.   » More

July 11, 2006
DuPont EKC Technology Introduces New Family of Products for Copper Interconnect Cleaning at SEMICON West 2006 DuPont EKC Technology, part of DuPont Electronic Technologies, today announced the introduction of a new series of products for the BEOL (Back End of Line) cleaning of copper interconnects in semiconductors.   » More

July 11, 2006
DuPont Performance Elastomers Spearheads SEMICON Successes with Kalrez® Seals At Semicon West 2006, DuPont Performance Elastomers will focus on its range of Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer parts for reduced particle adders and improved equipment reliability in Etch and CVD processes.   » More

June 15, 2006
DuPont Showcases Semiconductor Fabrication & Packaging Materials at SEMICON West 2006 DuPont today announced it will showcase its expanding portfolio of semiconductor fabrication and advanced packaging materials at SEMICON West 2006 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Calif., July 11 - 13. By connecting science and technology from across the company, DuPont has established a leading position in the industry with highly engineered materials and advanced process expertise.   » More



August 30, 2005 Connected by Science: DuPont Semiconductor Materials A team comprised of more than 10 DuPont business units, including: DuPont Electronic Technologies, DuPont Fluoroproducts, DuPont Engineering Polymers, and DuPont Performance Elastomers recently united as "One DuPont" to exhibit its range of semiconductor materials at Semicon West in San Francisco, California.   » More

July 22, 2005 DuPont Electronic Technologies and Sanmina-SCI Sign Licensing Agreement for DuPont™ Interra™ Embedded Passive Materials Use in Buried Capacitance® Technology DuPont Electronic Technologies today announced an agreement with Sanmina-SCI to become a licensee of Sanmina-SCI's patented Buried Capacitance® technology. DuPont™ Interra™ HK polyimide laminates can now be used in the practice of Buried Capacitance® technology, available to Sanmina-SCI's existing family of licensed printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers.   » More

July 12, 2005 DuPont Fluoroproducts Introduces New Permeation Resistant Grade Teflon® PFA HP Plus Flouropolymer Resin The new resin, Teflon® PFA 951HP Plus, is designed for molding and extrusion for fluid handling components and tubing, and cuts hydrochloric acid (HCl) permeation by up to 40 percent to ensure durability and longer life, lowering the cost of equipment ownership for semiconductor manufacturers.   » More

July 12, 2005 DuPont™ Vespel® Grade Helps Get Rid of Static Charges DuPont™ Vespel® SP-202 polyimide parts and shapes have what it takes to combat static charge buildup in the fabrication and handling of flat panel glass, semiconductor wafers and other products handled in high-temperature, vacuum or reactive environments manufacturers.   » More

July 12, 2005 DuPont Increases Industry Involvement in Semiconductor Materials DuPont today announced that John E. Odom, president, EKC Technology, a unit of DuPont Electronic Technologies, has been selected as vice chairman of the SEMI® Chemicals and Gas Manufacturers Group.   » More

July 11, 2005 DuPont Air Products NanoMaterials Introduces New DCmP™ Formulations DuPont Air Products NanoMaterials (DA NanoMaterials) today announced the introduction of DCmP™, a new type of formulation for copper and tungsten chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) slurries.   » More

July 7, 2005 Major Resin Expansion to Serve Growth of DuPont™ Vespel® Polyimide Parts Keeping pace with rising demand for DuPont™ Vespel® parts and shapes, the company’s Vespel® business unit is expanding its polyimide resin production facility in Circleville, Ohio.   » More