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Semiconductor Fabrication materials from DuPont

Semiconductor Fabrication Materials


In virtually every process step, DuPont semiconductor fabrication materials can help improve wafer yeild, reduce environmental emissions and enable customers to move beyond technical hurdles.

Below is an overview of DuPont materials offered throughout the semiconductor fabrication process.

Removers & Cleaners
Leading solutions for the removal of photoresists, post-CMP contamination and post-dry-etch process residue.
» Find out more about Removers & Cleaners used in: [ Planarization | Lithography | Etch & Clean ]
Liquid polyimides
High-purity liquid polyimides and PBO coatings specifically engineered for microelectronic applications.
» Find out more about Liquid polyimides used in: [ Lithography | BEOL & WLP ]
Electronic Polymers
High quality, innovative polymers for KrF and ArF photoresist formulations, as well as anti-reflective coating formulations.
» Find out more about Electronic polymers used in: [ Lithography ]
Teflon® fluoropolymers
High purity materials used in fluid handling systems.
» Find out more about fluoropolymers used in: [ Fluid Handling Components | Exhaust Ducting & Waste Handling ]
Vertrel® specialty fluids
For high-performance wafer cleaning and drying to prevent contamination.
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Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer parts
Parts specifically designed for aggressive wafer processing environments.
» Find out more about Kalrez® used in: [ Gaskets, seals and O-rings ]
Viton® fluoroelastomer parts
Offers excellent chemical and thermal resistance.
» Find out more about Viton® used in: [ Gaskets, seals and O-rings ]
DuPont FE clean agent fire extinguishants
Entensive fire safety solutions, including halon-free fire extinguishants.
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Tyvek® wafer interleaf
Superior material performance for contamination-controlled packaging.
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Sontara® cleanroom wipes
Micro-level cleaning fabrics engineered to help prevent cleanroom contamination.
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Tyvek® Protective Apparel
Protective apparel and technologies designed to help safeguard workers, products and processes.
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Vespel® parts and shapes
Leading polymeric parts and shapes for front-end and back-end IC processing equipment and wafer handling applications.