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Filtration Media

Even ordinary, everyday filters rely on extraordinary media for optimal performance.  Whether you are looking for traditional media with proven effectiveness, support media for composite structures, or breakthrough filtration technology, DuPont Filtration Solutions provides the best media for your applications.  The following materials offer a range in filtration performance as well as structural capabilities to maximize your filter design requirements:

DuPont™ Hybrid Membrane Technology (HMT)

DuPont™ Hybrid Membrane Technology (HMT) is comprised of continous sub-micron polymeric filaments.  The technology uses a proprietary spinning porcess that creates a membrane-like nonwoven sheet structure to deliver the optimum balance of small pores and high flux for demanding air and liquid filtration applications.

DuPont™ Meltspun Filtration Media

DuPont™ Meltspun Filtration Media is a new highly versatile technology well-suited for producing customized media solutions for multiple filtration applications.  Our media is comprised of bi-component fibers avaliable in weights ranging from 1 ospy – 5 ospy. Alternate bonding configurations and finishing options exist.

DuPont™ Spunbond Polypropylene Filtration Media

DuPont™ Spunbond Polypropylene Filtration Media is a solution for a broad range of filtration applications requiring membrane support in pharmaceuticals, medical, food and beverage, and microelectronics. All our filtration media is CFR 21 and USP Class VI compliant.

DuPont™ Flashspun HDPE Filtration Media

DuPont™ Flashspun HDPE Filtration Media is made with a very fine network of random filaments which can be consolidated by a multi-step bonding process. This allows a high liquid efficiency at a nominal rating of about 1 micron, even though the typical mean flow pore sizes range from 2-5 microns.  This media  can be used in pleated or stand alone filter cartridges for potable water, food, beverage, and chemical applications requiring a 2-5 micron rating.

DuPont™ Spunlace Filtration Media

DuPont™ Spunlace Filtration Media, made from  hydroentangling technology, provides highly uniform and  ultra-strong media in both the MD/CD directions.  Media is available in 100% PET and  PET blends, and range in basis weight from  7 osy – 4.2 osy.  

Select grades meet specific industry qualifications such as NSF, USP, and FDA requirements.