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The next generation in filtration media

There’s a new generation gap.

It’s a gap between traditional methods and radical new ideas about what filtration systems can do. Technology from DuPont Filtration Solutions goes beyond the limits of today’s nonwoven and membrane filtration media to deliver enhanced performance across a variety of air and liquid applications.

Reduced contamination. Greater productivity. Operational savings.

The combined capabilities of DuPont Filtration Solutions read like a wish list for filtration media. Extensive research, testing and evaluation support these claims and demonstrate that a superior alternative for the filtration industry has finally arrived.

Reduced Contamination

DuPont Filtration products demonstrate a higher level of barrier/flux performance as compared to microporous films and other traditional technologies. This balance of protection with productivity is extended across filtration efficiency ranges of 0.45-20 microns. Increased efficiencies translate into cleaner air and healthier environments at home, at work and at play. Reduced contamination also provides confidence that final products will be produced as intended.

Greater Productivity

DuPont Filtration media provides lower resistance in both air and liquid filtration applications as compared to microglass, membranes or nonwoven substrates. With increased flux rates, higher capacity outputs can be achieved, flexibility in design of process can be obtained and capital avoidance becomes a possibility.

Operational Savings

With DuPont Filtration materials, the opportunity for significant operational savings exists, due in part to reduced energy consumption, lower maintenance costs that come with longer filter life and reduced costs associated with fouled downstream equipment. When used as a pre-filter, new DuPont Filtration technology can extend the life of other filters within a specific system.