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Finished Filters

DuPont Filtration Solutions offers finished filters for commercial HVAC applications.

Commercial HVAC

DuPont™ Premium HVAC Filters are a line of high efficiency, extended surface air filters designed to support demanding air filtration needs in a variety of commercial applications. The robust V-bank filter design, combined with DuPont™ HMT media, provides superior particle capture in the sub-micron range for improved air quality, non-diminishing performance throughout the filter life, and minimal pressure drop leading to greater energy efficiency.



  • Unique frame design: extremely rigid, impact-resistant, and lightweight
  • Non-metal components: eliminate the potential for corrosion


Filter-specific information  Significantly better particle capture in the 0.3–1.0 micron range 
Non-diminishing performance  Unique nanofiber technology does not rely on electrostatic charge
to maintain filtration efficiency 
Low resistance  Up to 20% reduction in initial and operating resistance compared
to competitive materials providing maximum energy savings thereby
reducing operational costs 








DuPont™ Premium HVAC Filters Contribute to LEED®

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) program is a set of voluntary peformance standards for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of more sustainable, high-performance buildings. With rating systems designed for both new and existing buildings, LEED® is based on accepted energy and environmental principles to maximize economic and environmental performance, as well as occupant well-being.

Demand for good indoor air quality is increasing as healthy, comfortable, productive indoor environments are threatened by indoor air pollution. Over the past 20 years, indoor air quality has emerged as a major concern for building owners and managers, ranking in the top five threats to public health in U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies.

Good indoor air quality does not have to compete with building management priorities. Keeping your HVAC system clean and better controlled enhances indoor air quality and reduces energy costs.  Selecting the appropriate HVAC filter can make a significant contribution to sustainable design and help your project earn LEED® points. HVAC filters remove airborne contaminants and, if filters have low initial pressure drop, the amount of energy to operate the HVAC system is reduced.