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Hybrid Membrane Technology (HMT)

DuPont Hybrid Membrane Technology goes beyond the limits of today’s semi-porous or nonwoven membranes.  Made by a proprietary new spinning process, DuPont HMT is a “membrane-like” sheet product composed of continuous sub-micron fibers with resultant sub-micron to low micron pores and high surface area.   HMT provides a long-awaited option to fill the performance gaps between microporous membranes and traditional nonwovens.  HMT is not an electrostatically treated material and depends completely on the mechanical structure of the media, thus concerns over filtration performance over the life of the filter are alleviated.  

DuPont Hybrid Membrane Technology is the name DuPont uses for its nanofiber membrane technology business.  DuPont HMT is made by using a proprietary spinning process to create a membrane-like nonwoven sheet structure of continuous sub-micron polymeric filaments between 200- 600 nanometers.  While the traditional definition of "nano" is 100 nanometers or less, DuPont HMT is referred to as a nanofiber because the filtration industry, our predominant end use market, broadly uses the term "nanofiber" to describe any fiber between the size of 100nm to about 800nm.