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DuPontâ„¢ Flashspun HDPE Filtration Media

DuPont™ Flashspun HDPE Filtration Media are flash-spun in a proprietary process from a 100% high-density polyethylene (HDPE) solution into a very fine network of nondirectional filaments that are bonded in one of two ways: full-surface contact bonding, which creates a stiff, paper-like sheet; and point bonding followed by in-line softening, which creates a drapable, fabric-like sheet.

DuPont™ Flashspun HDPE Filtration Media are exceptionally strong, resisting abrasions, tears and punctures to prevent breakthroughs and resulting contamination. This allows equipment to run automatically with minimal operator attention. In addition, all products are composed of essentially continuous fibers so they are low-linting, which means reduced effluent stream contamination. Wet or dry, even under high pressure, DuPont filtration products can operate continuously at temperatures up to 190° F (88° C).

DuPont™ Flashspun HDPE Filtration Media can be slit, pleated, coated, sewn, printed, heat-sealed, ultrasonically seamed, and glued with confidence. All media are strong enough to be used as a bag, cartridge, belt or substrate for coatings, and are able to stand up to most acids, bases, salts, and many solvents. Also, all media can be sterilized with gamma radiation, ethylene oxide (EtO), steam (under carefully controlled conditions), and emerging sterilization methods.

The qualities that make DuPont™ Flashspun HDPE Filtration Media ideal for a broad range of applications are the combination of fiber structure and different finishing processes, as well as a range of basis weights (1.2 to 3.2 oz/yd2), performance characteristics, and mechanical properties.