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Air Filtration

DuPont premium air filtration products provide cleaner air that helps protect families, patients, workers and visitors from airborne pollutants. It also means more efficient operations, longevity of equipment, reduced manufacturing contamination and reduction in energy consumption.

Commercial Building Applications

With commercial building accounting for 65% of U.S. electrical consumption, it is critical that every meadure is taken to conserve energy. DuPont premium HVAC filters offer superior particle capture in the 0.3 - 1.0 micron range with a low initial pressure drop. The result is better indoor air quality using less energy.

Industrial Applications

DuPont Filtration Solutions technology maintains optimum pressure on both sides of the filter, reducing pressure drops to almost undetectable levels. This prevents costly shutdowns while improving the overall efficiency of the system.  DuPont Hybrid Membrane Technology offers excellent particulate removal as well as superior oil coalescing performance.  The combination of flux/barrier balance of the DuPont Filtration Solutions technologies provides peace of mind for anyone concerned about both quality and overall operational expense.

Dust Collection Bags

Dust collection bags made with DuPont™ HMT provide high filtration efficiency of very fine dust particles in environments up to 100°C. In jet pulse or reverse air processes in industries such as cement, steel, polymer or powder dust bags made with DuPont™ HMT have low pressure drop and long cycle times.