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Liquid Filtration

DuPont liquid filtration technology, in combination with existing DuPont nonwoven technologies, provides protection, reliability and peace of mind across a number of applications. Whether the concern is better-tasting food, safer drinking water and cleaner running engines or simply enhancing operational efficiencies, DuPont Filtration Solutions has products to meet your needs.

To learn more read our DuPont™ Hybrid Membrane Technology (HMT) Media For Liquid Filtration brochure.

Diesel Applications

New Filtration Solutions from DuPont offer the potential of improving engine performance and emissions by filtering diesel and other fuels through advanced Hybrid Membrane Technology.

Food and Beverage Applications

For the food and beverage industries, efficient filtration is necessary to ensure the purity and quality of ingredients. The DuPont portfolio of products and technologies, which are CFR21 certified for food contact approval, provide multiple solutions to the complexities most commonly found in any given application ranging in 0.0.3-20 micron filtration efficiency performance.

Metalworking Applications

DuPont™ Metal Fluid Flitration Media utilizes its dynamic filtration science to produce high-performance materials for use in filtering liquid coolants in metalworking applications. The result is DuPont Filtration Solutions, filters that reduce contaminant loads to help improve operational efficiency and lower costs.

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Water Purification Applications

DuPont Filtration Solutions offer products for many water applications where Giardia, Cryptosporidium and chlorine stability are concerns. Select DuPont media have been certified against designated NSF and FDA requirements involving water purification. Applications where DuPont Filtration Solutions offer benefits include pool and spa, drinking water treatment and general industrial water filtration.

Life Sciences

When working in environments where filtration is critical, such as pharmaceutical and drug production, or biotech manufacturing processes, DuPont™ Hybrid Membrane Technology and DuPont™ Spunbond Polypropylene liquid filtration products offer benefits including reduced contamination to sub-micron levels for greater productivity and operational savings.  Products styles are offered that meet USP class 6 and CFR21 certification.