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Canada Social Commitment

Business Conduct

DuPont Canada is guided by a corporate Direction Statement, which reads :

Safety, concern and care for people, protection of the environment, and personal and corporate integrity, are this company's highest values, and we will not compromise them.”

Flowing from this Direction Statement, DuPont Canada has a written philosophy on personal and corporate integrity, which states that DuPont  will conduct its  affairs to the highest ethical standards and will work diligently to be a leading corporate citizen.

In living up to its  philosophy, DuPont  will:

  • Be fair and honest in all  dealings on behalf of the company.
  • Do what is right rather than what is expedient.
  • Conduct all dealings with suppliers, customers and others in a manner that excludes consideration of personal advantage.
  • Respect the individual dignity and legitimate rights and interests of fellow employees.
  • Be a good corporate citizen in each community in which it operates.
  • Be concerned not only with what its action is, but also with what it appears to be.
  • Regularly monitor our actions to ensure that we are living up to the standards that we have established.

All DuPont Canada employees are responsible for generating an atmosphere of trust, mutual respect and personal dignity as they work with each other, customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.