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Canada Social Commitment

Community Investing and Outreach

To thrive, healthy businesses need healthy communities.

The DuPont Vision is to be the world's most dynamic science company, creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere. To us, the commitment to innovation is not just in creating new ideas, but in creating new value. This new value is realized in the impact that our inventions have in the world. Another way that DuPont realizes impact is in our Community Investments. DuPont improves the quality of life and enhances the vitality of the communities in which we operate, through financial contributions, knowledge partnerships, and local involvement.

DuPont Canada recognizes its role in contributing to the society in which we operate. Our long history of making philanthropic contributions to society is in keeping with our core values: Safety and Health; Environmental Stewarship; Ethics; Respect for People.

Strategic Philanthropy

As a dynamic science company, DuPont Canada focuses our major corporate donations on SEGMENTS that reflect our corporate identity:

  • Education, Science and Technology:  This segment promotes education and, in particular, science education in Canada. It supports youth and their pursuit of science and technology, significant aspects of the DuPont Company.
  • Social Innovation:  The Social Innovation segment embraces advancing broad systemic change within the social sector. As an innovator, DuPont's expertise in front-end creativity and value creation through our inventions, allows us to see the potential for this in the social sector. We are also open to be informed by the social sector methodologies and discoveries.
  • Sustainability:  We support the pursuit of sustainable solutions for DuPont and for the socity in which we live. Safety, Health and the Environment are our core values and we reflect our support of these values through our sustainability donations and closely link our sustainability donations to the way sustainability is defined and pursued within the corporation. 

Local Site Investing

We provide support in the communities where we have operations, through a combination of financial and community outreach initiatives.

  • United Way campaigns are a mainstay of local charitable support at all our sites. In general we run goal-oriented campaigns that encourage broad employee participation.

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