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Education Commitment

Our Education Mission

To sustain "The miracles of science®" by nurturing global collaborative research and science education.

The Center for Collaborative Research & Education

DuPont launched its commitment to science research and science education in 1918, becoming the first corporation to award scholarships and fellowships to chemists at 48 colleges and universities in the United States. Today, The Center for Collaborative Research & Education (CCRE) continues to facilitate DuPont partnerships with universities and government laboratories worldwide; collaborates with DuPont Strategic Business Units globally to deploy incomplete technologies and develop new revenue sources from intellectual property; and invests in science education programs to ensure science literacy, workforce preparation and business and community sustainability.

Higher Education Partnerships

The grants to universities that DuPont initiated 1918 extend today to more than 200 colleges and universities worldwide, expanding DuPont access to leading-edge research and continuing our investment in the development of a highly skilled workforce and a scientifically literate citizenry. Higher Education Partnerships operate at both the undergraduate and the graduate level, with many initiatives focused on increased participation of underrepresented populations

K-16 Education

The DuPont Office of Education (OOE) works with educators, university faculty, the business community and local DuPont sites to prepare today's children for tomorrow's world. Our goal is to ensure that the next generation of citizens has a working knowledge of the unique method of science and a reasoned understanding of science as a domain of human knowledge. To that end, OOE is engaged in a variety of collaborative initiatives

  • to bring inquiry-based science programs to communities where we operate,to nurture young Americans' interest in science and mathematics professions through national and international competitions,
  • to increase the numbers of underrepresented minorities prepared for careers in science and mathematics, and
  • to safeguard the competence of our teachers of science and mathematics.

Program Support

DuPont supports programs and initiatives with the potential to demonstrate improved and sustainable outcomes, primarily in mathematics, science, and technology education. CCRE uses a comprehensive set of guidelines to access the merits of all programs under consideration. DuPont does not fund curriculum development or assessment, capital campaigns, or endowments. Our policy is to award grants at the Company's initiative rather than by application.