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Solae Consolidation Plans Strengthen Global Soy Polymer Business

ST. LOUIS, November 7, 2012

DuPont Soy Polymers, a division of Solae and part of DuPont’s Nutrition and Health platform, announces business improvements as part of its ongoing efforts to enhance the long-term strength of its industrial soy polymer brands.

Solae announced that it will consolidate the manufacturing of its soy polymers products from Louisville, KY into their isolated soy protein plants worldwide. This consolidation is expected to be completed by December of 2012 and end with the closing of the Louisville, KY manufacturing plant, the manufacturing location of the Pro-Cote® Soy Polymers. Break-through improvements in product and process technologies has prompted the investment and consolidation.

World-wide manufacturing sites will produce DuPont Soy Polymers SoBind™ products, with identical chemical and functional properties, making the transition seamless. The move will reduce DuPont Soy Polymer’s carbon footprint and lower overall greenhouse gas emissions while providing customers a more efficient and consistent global supply chain.

DuPont Soy Polymer products were first introduced over 50 years ago and are best known for the ability to offer binding strength and coating hold-out in coated paper and board, adhesives and ink.  SoBind™, a brand introduced this year, is a new line of soy polymers designed to offer customers an improved alternative to synthetic and other natural binders, rheology modifiers, adhesives and emulsion stabilizers. Due to the technology improvements, SoBind™ products are candidates for a wide-range of applications where the user seeks not only functional, but plant-based alternatives.

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