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DuPont Soy Polymers provides cost savings and better performance that can be achieved through partial or complete replacement of latex, casein and other binders, as well as viscosity modifiers, thickeners, adhesives and emulsifiers. Due to functional improvements, compared to both natural and synthetic alternatives, you can achieve these cost savings and improved performance objectives.

Here are some of the leading applications:


  • Paper & Board
    Cost savings, improved quality & productivity – run clean at high speeds.

  • Paint
    Lower total binder and eliminate thickeners and viscosity modifiers while optimizing pigment performance.

  • Leather Finishing
    Consider an alternative to casein for costs savings, uniform quality and stable production.

Obtain costs advantages compared to casein and synthetics in water soluble adhesive systems.

Water-Based Ink
Replace casein and synthetic components to lower costs, without cooking.

Personal Care
An opaque and extremely efficient emulsion stabilizer, binder and thickener that can replace less effective natural products or harsher synthetic ones.

A variety of other costs saving strategies for casein and synthetic binder replacement.

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