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Products Overview

Highly functional, economical, sustainably sourced, and especially designed for cost savings and performance – that is our promise!

Based on our unique know-how and innovative production technologies, we develop and market soy based polymers, providing sustainable, cost-effective solutions. Our product families are based on specific application needs:

  • SoBind™ Balance for industrial coatings, providing a unique balance between performance, cost savings and sustainability.

  • SoBind™ Impression for water-based inks, providing reliability of supply while lowering overall carbon emissions.

To select the most efficient product for your application, or to discuss cost reduction strategies using DuPont Soy Polymers, contact our team of experts!

Key Properties

Attributes that make DuPont Soy Polymers’ ingredients the ingredients of choice:

  • Binding and adhesive strength
  • Film forming
  • Can be cross linked
  • High temperature resistance
  • Rigid
  • Emulsifier
  • Protective colloid
  • Polypeptides with more than 20 amino acids having many double bonds
  • Anionic, cationic, polar & non-polar components

Key characteristics that provide functional advantage and cost savings:Key characteristics that provide functional advantage and cost savings. 

Benefits compared to synthetic, oil-based, or animal-based polymers:

  • Similar or better performance
  • Cost savings
  • Sustainable, renewably sourced material
  • Non-animal, vegetable-based
  • Alkaline-soluble
  • Low environmental foot-print
  • VOC-free
  • No formaldehydes
  • Ammonia not required to solubilize

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