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Our products are designed to support customers' business strategies, but they are only a portion of our total value package. It is the combination of DuPont capabilities and expert application technology that gives our customers vital business solutions appropriate for addressing today's challenging business environment.

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Share some general information about your application and let us evaluate your savings opportunity.

Team of Experts
 have an experienced, dedicated team of experts in several domains, which is an exception in today’s lean supplier network. Our team is supported by state-of the-art technical facilities, and combined with our expertise in developing soy based polymers, we are able to support developments in a variety of applications.

Knowledgeable Sales and Applied Technology
Each member of our Sales and Technology team has proven industrial experience and expertise. Our reach is world-wide, with both Sales and Technology experts. This allows us to develop solid, working relationships with our customers so that we can analyze and address unique needs, and ensure sustained improvement with our strategies.  

Laboratory Capabilities
The DuPont legacy of innovation and science can be accessed through our state-of-the art facilities. Our research facilities and staff of laboratory professionals analyze formulations and report on end-product characteristics. This allows us to make appropriate recommendations that address your specific needs. 

Responsive Customer Service
Customer service is our top priority and our products are supported by an experienced customer service team. We provide full service, cost-effective order processing and quick response time. With representatives available to assist you around the globe, we go the extra mile to provide on-time, damage free delivery of our product.

Global Supply Chain Capability
DuPont Soy Polymers has multi-functional business teams located throughout the world supporting our primary objective - helping our customers lower their costs.

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