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Framingham, MA, January 1, 2007

ADESA Auto Auction Cleans up with Sontara® Wipes

ADESA Auto Auction of Framingham, Mass. refinishes a huge number of vehicles every week. Many must be repainted before they’re ready for the auction floor.

“Each vehicle has to look its best for auction,” says Bill Doe, ADESA’s body shop manager. “The wipe used just before painting is particularly critical.” Doe says.

ADESA began using Sontara® PS-3970S Solvent Cleaning Wipes even before they were formally introduced.

“Processing as many vehicles as we do, we’re often used as sort of a test run for new products,” Bill says. “Any problems are bound to show up quickly, and we liked them from the start. They’re quick and easy to use right out of the package; there is nothing to mix.”

ADESA uses the Sontara® system that includes applying cleaner to the surface using PS-3970S, wiping the surface dry with E-4366 Cleanup Wipes and following with the E-4586 Primary Tack Cloth.

The DuPont wipes are supplied by Michael Coran of J&R Auto Body Supply Co., who says he was another early fan of Sontara®. “They’re a big timesaver,” Michael says.

“In this labor-intensive business, if you can save a customer time, you can save them money.”

Michael points out the ease of a system approach. “Using a single system means convenience because it uses fewer SKUs,” he says. “There’s also labor savings and waste reduction. You don’t have to pour the solvent onto a cloth, which can end up spilling onto the floor.”

He likes the system’s convenience as well. “These Sontara® wipes are very easy to use. You just pull them out of the package. There’s no time lost wiping up the kind of spills you get with products you have to pour.”

Sontara® wipes also work well with ADESA’s high-tech systems. “We use a water-based liquid mask instead of bagging,” says Bill. “Sontara® PS-3995S, a 50/50 blend of isopropyl alcohol and deionized water, does a great job of removing masking overspray, plus helps reduce static. This ensures a quality finish.”

DuPont Refinsher News, Winter 2007

At Bottom: Bill Doe (left), ADESA’s body shop manager, and Michael Coran of J&R Auto Body Supply Co. discuss the value of Sontara® PS-3970S Solvent Cleaning Wipes.