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Staunton, VA, March 1, 2007

For 40 Years: One Product Line, From Lucite® Lacquer to Sontara®

DuPont Refinish products in useSince he first picked up a spray gun in 1967, Delmar Lambert has sworn by one line of products: DuPont Refinish.

“They’ve just been the best,” he says. “They never gave me any problems and I always got good service from DuPont. Years ago I tried a couple of other brands, but they just weren’t as user friendly.”

It was only natural, then, that when he opened Delmar’s Body Shop in Staunton, Va. in 1983, he installed the DuPont Refinish line.

Over the years, the shop has benefited from the continuous improvement that is integral to the DuPont offering. “I like the fact that you can guarantee a paint job now for the life of the car,” he says. “We couldn’t do that in the days of Lucite® lacquer and Dulux®.”

His high regard for DuPont Refinish products has been passed along to his son, Dennis, who has handled most of the painting in the 10-person shop since 1984. With fast-drying ChromaPremier® products, the shop is turning out 15-18 repairs a week.

Delmar himself has not picked up a spray gun in more than 12 years, but he manages the shop and makes sure it has the latest from DuPont. He particularly likes a product that was introduced a few years ago – the Sontara® Surface Preparation System. The shop uses the Solvent Blend Pre-sat Wipes (PS-3990S), Static Reduction Wipes (PS-3995S) and the Solvent Wash & Dry Cloth (E-4143). To round out the job, technicians use Sontara®

Maintenance Wipes (E-4601) for window cleaning and general cleanup.

Delmar says the shop switched to DuPont™ Sontara® wipes a number of years ago. “The wipes we had been using frayed really easily. There were lint problems, too, which we don’t have with Sontara®.”

Delmar views Sontara® wipes as an insurance policy. “If you don’t have to go back and re-do just one job, they pay for themselves. We never get any fish eye problems with Sontara®. Dollar for dollar, they’re the best wipes in the business.”

Dennis Lambert, the shop’s senior painter, is especially enthusiastic about Sontara® static control wipes. “Static is terrible here in Virginia in winter,” he says. “The static control wipes help us avoid the problems dry weather causes when you’re doing bumpers.”

DuPont Refinish Account Representative Jettie E. Hooker is a fan of Delmar’s Body Shop. “They do everything right, from start to finish,” he says. Jettie calls Delmar’s “one of the most highly regarded body shops in the Shenandoah Valley.”L to R: Dean Stum, Dennis Lambert, Delmar Lambert, Jettie Hooker, Dan Dowling, Terry Whitmore

Another important part of the shop’s team is Dean Stum, who represents Delmar’s jobber, E&M Auto Paint & Supply Co. of Harrisonburg. “Dean seems to know just when we’ll need more of one thing or another and makes sure we get it right on time,” says Delmar.

Dean calls on nearly 40 body shops and reports that, like Delmar’s, the vast majority use Sontara® wipes. “The product sells itself,” he says.

For more information, or to order DuPont™ Sontara® Surface Preparation System products, call Customer Support at 1-800-338-7668.

DuPont Refinisher News, Spring 2007

At Bottom: The team that keeps Delmar’s Body Shop humming: Dean Stum, jobber salesman; Dennis Lambert, head painter; owner Delmar Lambert; Jettie Hooker, DuPont Refinish Account representative; Dan Dowling, DuPont brand specialist, and Terry Whitmore, owner of E&M Auto Paint and Supply.