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DuPont™ Sontara®


Because Sontara® fabric is continually washed during the manufacturing process, Sontara® fabric is low-linting, exceptionally clean, and has the built-in strength of spunlace technology, making it extra-durable. In fact, Sontara® products made with Sontara® fabric can handle the toughest cleaning challenges because they are so strong and resistant to wear and tear that they maintain exceptional strength, even when wet. They won’t fall apart when used with MEK1 , isopropyl alcohol, solvents and other cleaning agents, making them a very cost-effective cleaning choice.

Wipes made of Sontara®

Sontara® wiping products are designed to meet the demands of a range of industries with various cleaning needs. And, all DuPont™ Sontara® fabric and products are made under the strictest production controls, to ensure consistent quality.

For more information on the range of Sontara® products available, check the Uses and Applications section of this site and click on your region. You’ll find the specific information you need on each product.

Fabric made of Sontara®

Rolls of Sontara® fabric are available for industrial, institutional and consumer applications.

If you are interested in procuring fabric or finding out more about them, go to the Sales and Support section of this site to find a DuPont contact in your region.

1 Methyl ethyl ketone, a solvent commonly used in industry.