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DuPont™ Sontara®

DuPont™ Sontara® Maintenance Wipe

United States and Canada

Bulk Wipes Now Available!

  • E-4968 • blue green • 12” x 13” • flat bulk • 1000 wipes/box

The DuPont™ Sontara® Maintenance Wipe extends the strength benefits of the nonwoven fabric created by our unique hydroentangling process into the maintenance shop. Specifically designed for engine repair, mechanical work or general maintenance tasks, the incredibly strong Maintenance Wipe brings new value to those tough jobs.

The DuPont™ Sontara® Maintenance Wipe is:

  • Crafted to stand up against the dirt, grease, and grime encountered when working around the shop.
  • Stronger than typical paper products; won’t shred and tear when working with tools and parts.
  • Longer lasting; shops may find that they use fewer wipes for each cleanup.
  • Absorbent—great for cleaning up spills, hands and equipment.
  • A disposable alternative to laundered rental shop towels.