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DuPont™ Sontara®

Hospitality, Food Processing/Preparation, and Food Services

Mexico and Central America

When it comes to wiping products, the hospitality, food processing/preparation and food services industries require strong wiping abilities. Cleanup in food-related industries is no easy task, and it requires a strong, clean wiping product that’s safe and exceptionally absorbent. 

Products must have enough absorbency for big spills and food pick-up, as well as the ability to wipe dry. They must have clean, low-linting features. And, they must have the strength and durability to stand up to and work with powerful cleaning agents.

Whether you’re cleaning work surfaces, commercial food equipment, conveyor belts, busing tables, or tending to one of the many wiping tasks inherent in this industry, Sontara® products are designed to meet your specific needs.