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Corporate Social Investment

Our goal is to give back to the communities where we live and work. It is part of our core values and key to our sustainable growth mission.

For this reason, we are continuously looking for different ways in which we can grow the skills and competencies of future generations through our commitment to education, skills development and training across Sub-Saharan Africa.


DuPont partnered with Roundabout Water Solutions to contribute towards the maintenance of sustainable water pumping systems across South Africa. The PlayPump® Water Pumping System is a roundabout that drives a conventional borehole pump while providing entertainment for children. As children spin on the roundabout, the pump operates and water is drawn up, from a borehole where the water has been tested and certified safe for human consumption. » Watch the PlayPump® video
We believe that the community plays a significant role in supporting children who have become victims of HIV/AIDS. That's why DuPont has been supporting SOS Children’s Village South Africa for over 30 years. We provide funding for the upkeep of the residence and also contribute towards medical care, food, trauma counseling, schooling and training.
DuPont is involved in the upkeep and furnishing of libraries in disadvantaged communities throughout South Africa, through a partnership with Room-to-Read, a non-profit organisation. We also provide local language publications to schools where uneducated populations are significantly high, such as Thathani Primary School in Soweto Township. This allows us to give more children the lifelong gift of education, in attempt to address the discrepancy in educational equality between urban and rural areas.
We are passionate about science and believe that it can change the future of education. This can however not happen without increased awareness and effective learning tools. By continuously distributing Periodic Tables, printed on the tear-resistant DuPont™ Tyvek®, to schools in disadvantaged communities, we aim to build science awareness amongst students and advance opportunities for education.
Apply For Sponsorship

These projects are proudly supported through the DuPont Community Fund. If you would like to request sponsorship for your community project, please download and complete the DuPont Community Fund Application Form below.