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Collaboration Among All Stakeholders to Create Inclusive Ingenuity through Innovation

Today, the world is facing unprecedented challenges brought on, in part, by a global population of 7 billion people. Resolving these complex challenges requires inclusive ingenuity that results from collaboration. We are building alliances with customers, governments, NGOs, visionaries, thought leaders, and other companies around the world in an effort to advance technology that might not otherwise have been possible.

DuPont has adopted a new model that we call "inclusive innovation" — solving problems by designing solutions in cooperation with those who will benefit directly from the product. We welcome public and private partners to join us in this endeavor as we uncover unmet needs and respond to them.

These case studies illustrate how DuPont works with communities and companies in Africa, because together we can accomplish what no one can do alone.

Seeds of the Future

Seeds of the Future

DuPont and BBC partnered to bring you this inspirational video on how DuPont helps farmers increase higher quality crop yields in Malawi through Pioneer hybrid seeds. » Seeds of the Future
Soy Blessings
In another installment of the BBC Horizons series, we show you how DuPont food science uses local food sources to help fight malnutrition in Africa. » Soy Blessings
Where the Rubber Meets the Road
DuPont™ Elvaloy® RET asphalt modifier has increased its presence in the East African nation of Tanzania, where a 125-km highway section from Chalinze to Kitumbi was recently specified. » Where the Rubber Meets the Road
Protecting the Leaders of Tomorrow
The Road to Health Chart (RtHC) was designed to address the security health of new born babies by keeping accurate reliable records of the child’s development every time the child goes for a check-up. » Protecting the Leaders of Tomorrow