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Carlman Moyo

Regional Director, DuPont Sub-Saharan Africa

DuPont appointed Moyo in 2006. He spent two years in Switzerland, heading up business development for East and Central Europe, Middle East and Africa – a broad brief. When the company adopted a more aggressive emerging markets strategy, which includes Africa, he was appointed to head up its Sub-Saharan operation.

As Regional Director, Moyo has contributed to the growth of DuPont in Africa and its proud 30-year history. Moyo made a strategic decision to move DuPont into the continent more aggressively to fill the many gaps created by the limited focus on science and technology in Africa. DuPont’s decision to expand in Africa was due to a combination of factors.

Having an African executive in the company had played a part in bringing opportunities in Africa to the notice of the decision-makers, highlighting improvements in governance, the growth of larger markets through regional trade blocs, high growth figures - and information about the major role emerging powers were playing in Africa.

Moyo was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in the Transkei, where his missionary parents were based. He studied overseas and his work has made him an international traveller. He spent 10 years at British Petroleum (BP) in a variety of posts, including three years in Australia in the downstream business and a stint as the executive adviser to the chairman of BP Southern Africa.

Carl obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in accounting from Andrews University (USA) and an MBA degree from Edinburgh Business School (Scotland). He also holds the following directorships: DuPont de Nemours International South Africa (MD), DuPont Protein Technologies (Director), DuPont Freeworld JV South Africa (Director.