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Latest Survey Reveals SA Most Popular Colours

17 November 2011 - White / white pearl was revealed as South Africa’s most popular car colour with a 40% market share, according to the 2011 DuPont Automotive Color Popularity Report, released today. Silver followed, with nearly 22% market share and black / black effect rounded out the top three with nearly 12%.

According to Carlman Moyo, Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Director for DuPont, South Africa’s premier car colour choice mirrors global trends with white / white pearl emerging as the world’s fastest growing colour. “While white / white pearl has historically been a popular colour for vehicles, we’ve seen a bigger than expected shift in its popularity this year.

“There has also been increased consumer acceptance and demand for white, for the clean look it brings to vehicle design. Silver and black were once the top colors of luxury, but white has increased in this area. The expectation to have a luxurious feel to a vehicle is globally sought and classic white and pearlescent white effects are inspiring luxury design,” says Moyo.

A substantial increase in the popularity of white / white pearl globally in 2011 has enabled it to surpass longstanding rivals black and gray, to join silver at the top of the world color ranks in this year’s report.

However, according to Moyo, select territories in Europe are changing their car colour preferences with black / black effect growing in popularity with 25% market share, led by the luxury / luxury SUV segment, with nearly 40% segment share. “For example, in Russia, black / black effect is currently the most popular car colour, with more than 23% market share.”

Silver topped the Asia Pacific region overall with more than 25% share in the region and repeated its No. 1 position again this year in China and South Korea. Silver also led the South American market with 30% share and was also was the color of choice in Brazil.

The DuPont report, in its 59th year, is the longest running and largest of its kind in the industry, includes automotive color popularity rankings and regional trends from 11 leading automotive regions of the world.

The top global vehicle colors in the DuPont report are as follows:

  • White/White Pearl and Silver – tie, 22% each
  • Black/Black Effect – 20%
  • Gray – 13%
  • Red – 7%
  • Blue – 6%
  • Brown/Beige – 5%
  • Green – 2%
  • Yellow/Gold – 1%
  • Others – 2%

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