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Welcome to the DuPont Spruance Web Site! Welcome to Spruance.  We’ve been part of the Richmond/Chesterfield community for more than 80 years and we appreciate the opportunity to produce our products which benefit communities worldwide.  Our site is centrally located on the U.S. eastern seaboard which includes 60% of the U.S. population within 750 miles; New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Charlotte within 350 miles, Washington D.C. and an abundance of high-tech firms within 120 miles; Richmond Metro area with its 1 million plus population, $5 billion in new business investment; Chesterfield County and its high growth rate supplying 17% of our workforce.

Just as DuPont has expanded the scope of its product lines to keep pace with new developments and society's changing needs, so has Spruance.  It continues to be a key DuPont site in the manufacturing of new films, fibers, and specialty chemicals.  Evidence of DuPont's commitment to Spruance abounds; in 2006 the company announced a $25.5 million capital investment to expand Tyvek® production.  It also recently announced a $107 million investment to expand Kevlar® capacity, and, over the past two years, invested $70 million to expand its engineering polymers high-temperature nylon production. Employment today is 2,700 with an annual payroll of $165 million, over $550 million spent in the last 10 years on expansion and modernization and replacement value of current operations of $2.5 billion.

DuPont Spruance Site
5401 Jefferson Davis Highway
Richmond, Virginia 23234
Plant Manager:   Dean W. Thompson